Athletic Training


Not only do I help people extend a life with a healthy lifestyle, but I specialize with training athletes as well. if I can take a benchwarmer to a junior olympic gold medal in 3 months I’m sure I can help you to for your sport, not to mention my wheelchair basketball player to a national gold medal in the 3 on 3 tournament.

Circuit Training

This type of training really keeps the heart rate up. Many exercises can be done with this type of training all in succession with minimal rest between stations . It’s a great fat burne

Core Training

This is my favorite aspect of all training. A strong core is just as important as a foundation is to a house! this is what connects the lower body to the upper body. An athlete without a good solid core is as useless as the house without a foundation.


70% of a healthy lifestyle is nutrition, with my training program I include a meal plan at no extra cost.

This type of training is for athletes that need to take flight for their respective sports. Remember, what goes up must come down so the landings are equally important.


This is Brent after our 10th Session. He dropped almost 2% body fat & gained almost 7 pounds!

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