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I remember when I was a kid, filling up on my vegetables & not eating desert, other kids would make fun of me. Mom would tell me not to worry & let them have their’ say because I’ll be in better shape than them when I’m older, as well as their’ kids when In my late 30?s & early 40?s. You know what? She was right!

I was always the small but athletic kid who could do the most pushups, sit-ups & pull-ups & the best success was when in high school, I broke my brother’s record he held for sit-ups in 2 minutes. Record still stands last I heard.

Also in high school, I practiced different styles of martial arts, along with a little boxing & wrestling before, during & after the military. I found the best was to mix all the styles & have no specific style, like Bruce Lee said many years ago.

Before & after my Military stint, I worked in a gym & constantly sought out more knowledge in kinesiology, exercise physiology, & nutrition. I refused to be just another “One Dimensional” trainer.

Now for the turning point! I remember meeting an Olympic athlete, Ben Plunkett & also a certified personal trainer. He told me at the gym I worked at, my expertise, knowledge & experience should be worth much more, much like a massage therapist & to pursue making some “real money” training people.
I also remember hearing a wealthy man say “Seek the knowledge & the income will follow” so I set my mind to getting certified to train people since it’s not only been my area of expertise for over 23 years, but also my passion. It’s my goal to make a permanent change in people’s lives.

Anything worth it is never easy but always worth it…

A.J. Woodall
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