This is Kassidy. She was thin & weak when I got her. She had lots of fight in her though. In just 2 months, she went from a bench warmer in her club league to a starter. She gained 9 Lbs of muscle & lost almost 2% bodyfat in just 2 months! She also gained almost 6 inches in her vertical approach. She’s gonna sign with the university of her choice very soon. I also got her to the Jr Olympics she brought home the gold!!!

This is Mike. He went down about 9 Lbs & 2.5% bodyfat in about 3 weeks…!

This was Miss Anna. Now it’s Mrs Anna! She wanted to get ready for her wedding dress. Only thing is they had to take it in 2 times!! You Go GIRL!!!

This is Danny. He wanted me to get him ready for the vacation of his life. He turned into one of the fittest gym members!!!

This is Brent after our 10th Session. He dropped almost 2% body fat & gained almost 7 pounds! You go Brother!!!

I also trained Dr & Principal Johnson…

Before and after 3 weeks unbelievable !

Before and after 1 month unbelievable !

This is Miss Tiffany. I got her ready for Hollywood in just 4 weeks, She is a professional model and actress.

This is Kneale & Annette, my ballroom dancers. They both wanted to add muscle & lose fat. Mission accomplished. This was after about a month of training. Congrats you two!

This is margarita in exactly 3 weeks! white shirt before, gray tank top after!

This is Melissa after only 10 sessions with me. You go girl!

George & Seana day one. Little did they know what they were in for… >:) (Left Picture)
This is George & Seana after 10 sessions. They both got leaner and a little bit meaner. (Right Picture)

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