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Personal Trainer Tulsa Ok

This is Kassidy. She was thin & weak when I got her. She had lots of fight in her though. In just 2 months, she went from a bench warmer in her club league to a starter. She gained 9 Lbs of muscle & lost almost 2% bodyfat in just 2 months! She also gained almost 6 inches in her vertical approach. She’s gonna sign with the university of her choice very soon. I also got her to the Jr Olympics she brought home the gold!!!

This is Mike. He went down about 9 Lbs & 2.5% bodyfat in about 3 weeks…!

This was Miss Anna. Now it’s Mrs Anna! She wanted to get ready for her wedding dress. Only thing is they had to take it in 2 times!! You Go GIRL!!!

This is Danny. He wanted me to get him ready for the vacation of his life. He turned into one of the fittest gym members!!!

This is Brent after our 10th Session. He dropped almost 2% body fat & gained almost 7 pounds! You go Brother!!!

I also trained Dr & Principal Johnson…

Before and after 3 weeks unbelievable !

Before and after 1 month unbelievable !

This is Miss Tiffany. I got her ready for Hollywood in just 4 weeks, She is a professional model and actress.

This is Kneale & Annette, my ballroom dancers. They both wanted to add muscle & lose fat. Mission accomplished. This was after about a month of training. Congrats you two!

This is margarita in exactly 3 weeks! white shirt before, gray tank top after!

This is Melissa after only 10 sessions with me. You go girl!

George & Seana day one. Little did they know what they were in for… >:) (Left Picture)
This is George & Seana after 10 sessions. They both got leaner and a little bit meaner. (Right Picture)

Training Pics

Personal Trainer Tulsa Ok



Having a shoulder issue not only made my workouts painful, but stressful as well. Due to the shoulder pain I was facing, I struggled severely accomplishing the goals I had set for myself. It was really stressing me out knowing that my shoulder problem was inhibiting the progress I knew I was capable of. I constantly had to monitor the weight I was lifting, making sure it wasn't too heavy, to prevent causing a dreadful injury for myself. Fortunately for me, A.J. noticed me rubbing and holding my shoulder. He confronted me and asked me if I was having trouble with my shoulder or if it was just sore. I explained to him the problem I was dealing with and he immediately became concerned. He checked my shoulder out and informed me that I was close to facing a devastating injury; shoulder separation. He then developed for me a series of workouts for me to perform, incorporating several exercises that he was certain would assist me in the rehabilitation of my shoulder. I told him I'd follow the program and the first time I tried it, it was extremely difficult. I took that as a sign that my shoulder was really weak and that I should follow the plan to strengthen it. Within 2 weeks I noticed a gain in strength, for my shoulder and my whole body, so significant that it motivated me to continue to seek A.J. for help when it came to my physical fitness. Not only did I get stronger but the pain I had in my shoulder wasn't present anymore. I'm so glad that I can now workout without my shoulder holding me back. I have progressed in my overall fitness tremendously due to the guidance and instruction by A.J. A.J., I want you to know that every time I workout your kindness and support is very much appreciated by me. Thank you for helping me achieve my goal. Now I set a new pair of goals you can help me defeat!

Chris Flojo


I am a personal trainer at a small gym in Jenks, but I workout in the gym A.J. trains. Over the last six months I have not gained one pound of muscle and was at a plateau. I explained to A.J. my workout routine, and he made several modifications to it. In one month of only training three days per week, I have made more positive changes in my body appearance and gains in strength than in a half year of training six days per week. He knows what he is talking about.

Chad Johnson


I started working out in January of 2010 with A.J. as my trainer at select Fitness. In April, 2010 I went to my doctor for my annual physical. I have lost 40 pounds and 6 inches around my waist. My doctor said that whatever I had been doing I had certainly been doing it right. I am 56 years old and said I had the heart of a 40 year old man and was in excellent shape. I told him I credit my trainer A.J. for my results. I have never felt better.



AJ Woodall trained me in the summer of 2009. He was very cordial and I loved his variety of workouts.

I currently play softball at Northeastern State University, and AJ helped me to become one of the fittest players on the team. His variety of workouts made working out entertaining, and I improved tremendously with his style of training. He made working out fun and exciting, I would workout longer than I expected not only because he pushed me, but because I enjoyed the workouts. There is no doubt that I would not have been in the shape I was in those two months if it was not for him. He is an excellent personal trainer, and he helped me to make a great first impression for my coach by being in the shape I was in. Thanks for everything AJ!

Lisa Ripperger


this is a shout out to AJ aka "The Devil" who likes to kick our butt in the gym every chance he gets! He is tough, but funny, and helps you take your mind off of the pain you are going through at the moment! He really seems to care about his job and the people he works with. Keep up the good work AJ!



AJ is an excellent trainer. My abs have never hurt so much in my whole life! The thing I love most about AJ, is that he doesn’t make big girls like me feel out of place at the gym. He is very caring and wants to see people meet their goals and does whatever he can to help them get there. He’s genuine. That means a lot to someone like me who would normally be intimidated by a trainer.

Angie P


I know AJ is very knowledgeable about fitness and training and has years of experience yet when we work out he doesn't have the attitude that it's AJ's way or the highway. He is always willing to give choices for those dreaded muscle groups that I've grown to dislike (chest/shoulders). He makes it fun yet pushes me to achieve my goals. He respects the fact that I have years of workout experience and is always open to challenges. Yesterday I wanted to do a short intense leg workout and asked him if I could throw kicks at him and he was all for it. He always gives praise for a job well done. I like that he greets the other clients at the gym yet never engages in a conversation with anyone while we are training and doesn't carry his cellphone with him and I am very happy with AJ.



I have always been interested in staying fit and following a sensible nutrition plan, but like so many others who join a fitness facility, my workouts were ineffective because of improper form and overworking some muscle groups. At my age (mid-fifties) I have worked with several personal trainers at different workout facilities but I have never achieved the results that I have with AJ. I can rely on AJ to make sure I am executing each exercise with proper form, thus ensuring that I get the maximum results for my efforts and reducing the risk of injury.

AJ formulated a workout designed to achieve my basic goal to tone muscles and slim down. When I changed my objective to build mass, he quickly rewrote my workout and I am making the gains that I envisioned. Initially, I was a little skeptical as to whether some of his methods would work, but I became convinced when I made impressive gains in a relatively l short time. After only eight sessions, I reduced my body mass index one whole point (from 11.9% to 10.9%) indicating a reduction in body fat and an increase in muscle mass (my weight remained the same).

AJ understands that each of his clients is an individual and not everyone learns from or responds to stimulus in the same way. What motivates some will not have the same effect on others. This awareness is important in maximizing a clients' efforts and achieving his/her end objectives. Because I see positive changes from week to week, I am convinced that this personal trainer knows how to make the body respond and that AJ really knows his stuff.

Charles W. Brown


Hey A.J.,

I've been working on my core, today. Yesterday, (didn't tell you this at the time) I almost got sick to my stomach during workout for the first time. However, I wanted to push myself hard. My triceps and shoulders are really killing me today. I love it! Makes me feel like I'm making progress. Yeah, I know. No pain, no gain.

Today, I went for a long walk in the rain, and had to run at times when the rain came down hard. I couldn't believe it. It is the best my hips have felt since I had them replaced. I was actually running (trotting very quickly) without hurting. Incredible! I could really feel the muscles working in my ass. :-) Geez, it felt great! Sometimes, it would hurt when my old dog, Molly, would pull on the leash too hard. Yet, when it began raining today, I actually began to jog.

Not to sound corny,but I feel like I'm getting my life back, and I owe that to you and your lady's advice. Don't forget. I'm a teacher, also. When my students finished yesterday, I heard several of them say, "I loved learning in your class.", "Thanks, I've never learned so much.", "This was such a great learning experience. I feel like I got my money's worth.", etc.,. Well, that's the way I feel. You and your lady friend have been the God-send for whom I've been wishing for quite some time.

In other words, thanks. If you ever need a reference, I'm your guy. By the way, I'll still feel that way even if you make me puke. :-) See ya' Monday at 11am.

Dave Smythe


I wanted to take a few moments to show my appreciation for one of your personal trainers. His name is A.J. Woodall and he works in Jenks at Select Fitness. I have been working out for about 3 months and the entire time, A.J. has been a great inspiration! W...hile he is instructing you on proper technique, he is encouraging and supportive! Keep up the good work A.J.!!!!! Thanks,

Angela Smith, RN

Oklahoma Center for Arthritis and Therapy Research

I wanted to let you know how wonderful AJ Woodall is! My husband had major surgery for cancer last October and through his healing process he lost a lot of weight and muscle. Right before his surgery I dislocated my shoulder and sustained a lot of muscle damage. In December my husband, Roy, and I decided it was time to make a lifestyle change. We joined Select Fitness in Jenks. But because of our physical limitations we decided that we needed the skill of a personal trainer to help us get started. That is how we met AJ. Our Christmas present to each other was to purchase a package of training sessions with AJ. I know we presented a challenge to AJ because of all the limitations we brought to him. But he never gave up on us! He adapted his routines to fit our needs. Most importantly AJ made going to the gym fun! Roy has been transferred to Houston, TX and we regret that we cannot have more time with AJ. But he did get us started on an exercise program and encouraged us to stick with it after we move. We are grateful for his kindness and patience with us and we will never forget AJ Woodall!

Anne and Roy Long



Thanks so much for the training with Conor! He has really taken off this year and is captain of the defense of his 8th grade team. Not only has he shown quite a bit of strength this year, he has also shown more aggressiveness, speed and confidence. I really appreciate you helping in these areas as I believe this has helped keep him safer as well.

I really wanted to thank you as well for working with a younger athlete and keeping in mind he is still a growing boy.....you showed exceptional sensitivity and care to how lifting can affect growth plates and eased my concerns and helped considerably. We will be back after the football season this year and look forward to working on Conors conditioning, strength, agility, confidence and speed!!!!

Thanks again AJ!!!


Personal Trainer Tulsa Ok

1 on 1 sessions $60 a session
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Exercise Series 1 on DVD $24.95 - Free With 2 or More Training Session or 1 Month of Bootcamp
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Bootcamp once a week $45 a month

Personal Trainer Tulsa Ok


Athletic Training


Not only do I help people extend a life with a healthy lifestyle, but I specialize with training athletes as well. if I can take a benchwarmer to a junior olympic gold medal in 3 months I’m sure I can help you to for your sport, not to mention my wheelchair basketball player to a national gold medal in the 3 on 3 tournament.

Circuit Training

This type of training really keeps the heart rate up. Many exercises can be done with this type of training all in succession with minimal rest between stations . It’s a great fat burne

Core Training

This is my favorite aspect of all training. A strong core is just as important as a foundation is to a house! this is what connects the lower body to the upper body. An athlete without a good solid core is as useless as the house without a foundation.


70% of a healthy lifestyle is nutrition, with my training program I include a meal plan at no extra cost.

This type of training is for athletes that need to take flight for their respective sports. Remember, what goes up must come down so the landings are equally important.


This is Brent after our 10th Session. He dropped almost 2% body fat & gained almost 7 pounds!

Personal Trainer Tulsa Ok

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